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What is Golden Derma Roller(GDR)?

Derma roller is the most easy tool to use in Mesotherapy, which is the most low cost and the most effective, it is very popular in the world now. it is used not only for special medical, but also for personal use in home.GDR(Golden Derma Roller) is the new style of derma roller,the needles are gilded,which are very sharp,rustless and not crooked.

Applications of derma rollers:
- Cell Regeneration
- Accelerated Cell Turn Over
- Clear Skin Tone
- Improved Skin Texture
- Reduced Skin Pore
- Reduced Wrinkle
- Whitening



Production Specification:

-Needle length:0.25mm, 0.3mm0.5mm1.0mm 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm  etc

-Total needles : 192 needles per each roller

-Use high quality medical grade steel,

-Special a method of construction by lock-up 50%   improvement of needle's strength than a normal material

-Needles are sharp, rustless, no slot

-Using more 30-40 times normally

Application about derma rollers:




for personal use(wrinkle,whitening,clear skin tone)


for medical use(hair loss,whitening,large pore,improving skin texture)


for medical use(cellulite)


for medical use(acne scar,freckle)


for medical use(reducing mark)


for medical use in hospital

Packing: with a sealed box.

How to use derma rollers:

-Disinfect the needles with 75% alcohol before every time use

-Consult your beautician or doctor if you are using long needle size roller (longer than 0.5mm)

-Don’t share with other users, keep the needles always clean and dry
-Follow 3steps of needling to enhance forming channels
  Each step has to be repeated 3 times at once

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