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What is Mesotherapy?
It is the latest technique to fight unwanted fat using a series of multiple superficial micro injections of a "mixture" of FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs, vitamins and supplements. By 1961, Dr. Pistor published his first book in his research on the results of Mesotherapy on pain relief, fat removal, cellulite treatment, weight loss, shin toning and muscle spasms. In 1976, the first Congress of Mesotherapy was held and in 1987 the French Academy of Medicine recognized Mesotherapy as part of a traditional medicine.


How does Mesotherapy work?
Mesotherapy is a customized mixture of FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs and a compound of amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants injected into the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin). The nutrients injected into the skin dissolve the fat underneath, breaking down the target alpha and beta receptors responsible for fat storage and excretion by facilitating the fat breakdown transit through the bloodstream and excretion by kidneys and gastrointestinal tract as in typical weight loss.
Mesotherapy is also a solution for cellulite, which is an accumulation of fat, fluid, and toxins in the mesoderm layer.
Mesotherapy assists in the increase of venous and lymphatic flow as well as eliminating fat and dimpling in the area. Loss of about 2 to 4 inches could be observed where cellulite is treated.


How long does Mesotherapy take?
A combination of nutritionally balanced weight loss, exercise and Mesotherapy will help the body contouring, facial sculpting and rejuvenation of a new slender person. Mesotherapy can be applied to arms, waist, hips, back, chin, lower eyelids, and legs. The number of sessions will depend on the individuals response.

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